Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic jacks

Advantages of hydraulic transmission:

(1) small size, light weight, such as the same power hydraulic motor weight only 10% to 20% of the motor. So the inertia force is small, when the sudden overload or parking, no big impact;

(2) can automatically adjust the traction speed within a given range, and can achieve stepless speed regulation, and the speed range up to 1: 2000 (usually 1: 100).

(3) easy to change, without changing the direction of rotation of the motor, you can more easily achieve the rotation of the working mechanism and the conversion of linear reciprocating motion;

(4) hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor between the tubing connection, in the space arrangement are not strictly limited to each other;

(5) due to the use of oil as the working medium, the relative movement between the components of the surface can be self-lubricating, wear small, long service life;

(6) easy to control and control, high degree of automation;

(7) easy to achieve overload protection;

(8) hydraulic components to achieve a standardized, serialized, generalized, easy to design, manufacture and use.

The drawbacks of hydraulic transmission:

(1) the use of hydraulic transmission on the maintenance requirements, working oil should always be kept clean;

(2) the manufacture of hydraulic components with high precision, complex process, the higher the cost;

(3) hydraulic components repair more complex, and the need for a higher level of technology;

(4) hydraulic transmission is more sensitive to changes in oil temperature, which will affect its work stability. So the hydraulic transmission should not be very high or very low temperature work, the general working temperature in the range of -15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ more appropriate.

(5) hydraulic transmission in the energy conversion process, especially in the throttle speed control system, the pressure is large, the flow loss is large, so the system efficiency is low

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