Jacks used when the car is punctured?

1, before use must check whether the normal parts.
2, the use of strict compliance should be the main parameters of the provisions, should not be ultra-high overload, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage more than the provisions of the top of the cylinder will be a serious oil spill.
3, such as manual pump oil is insufficient, the need to join the pump should be fully filtered after the N32 # hydraulic oil to work.
4, electric pump, please refer to the electric pump instruction manual.
5, the weight of the center of gravity to choose a moderate, reasonable choice of the focus of the electric jack, the bottom to be padded, while taking into account the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to pad the tough wood, placed smooth, so as to avoid load subsidence or tilt.
6, electric jack will rise after heavy objects, should be timely support with heavy objects firmly support, prohibit the use of electric jack as a support. (If you need a long time to support heavy weight, please use YZL self-locking jack)
7, in addition to the correct placement of ultra-high pressure jack, the use of multi-head diverter valve, and the load of each electric jack should be balanced, pay attention to keep the speed of synchronization. It is also necessary to consider the possibility of subsidence due to the uneven weight of the ground, to prevent the lifting of heavy objects arising from the danger.
8, the use of the first manual pump quick connector with the top docking, and then select the location, the oil pump on the oil screw tightening, you can work. To make the piston rod down, the manual pump hand wheel in a counter-clockwise direction slightly loose, the cylinder unloading, the piston rod is gradually decreased. Otherwise falling too fast will be dangerous.
9, the LH hydraulic jack hydraulic retraction, after lifting, you can quickly remove, but not connected to the hose to pull the LH hydraulic jack.
10, the user should not use more than the rated travel, so as not to damage the electric jack.
11, the use of the process should avoid severe vibration jack.
12, not suitable for acid and alkali, corrosive gas workplace use.
13, the user should be based on the use of regular inspection and maintenance. Hydraulic jacks are widely used in power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static pressure pile, foundation settlement, bridge and ship building, especially in highway construction and mechanical adjustment, equipment demolition and so on.

Post time: Nov-23-2019