The principle of effort saving wrench


As everyone knows, most of the automotive tire nut whether assembly and disassembly and maintenance, in addition to the existing technology of pneumatic wrench wrench is spanner wrench and socket openings which are purely mechanical, insufficient in use is not adapt to the automobile tire nut for mounting and dismounting work.

The use and structure of labor-saving wrench: labor-saving wrench is a new type of high efficiency manual disassembly and assembly tool. It is a deceleration device consisting of one or more planetary rows and bidirectional clutch. By inputting a smaller torque, it can produce a great output torque, which is labor-saving for the force holder, and also some people call it a booster wrench. According to the principle of conservation of energy, labor-saving, labor-saving, labor-saving wrench through the planetary platoon deceleration, get enough torque, save the force, but lost speed. The more effort than deceleration, speed is slow. In the design of labor-saving wrench or buy labor-saving wrench, we must pay full attention to the relationship between labor saving and speed, choose the appropriate transmission ratio. We should correctly handle the relationship between the two in use, for example, used to remove the bolts (big nut, screw when screwing) only laborsaving wrench, then replaced with wrench general; for assembly process, first use wrench screw bolts to the end fitting in place so far, and labor saving wrench preloading processing moment of need. Effort saving wrench developed in military unit. Structurally, there are basically two categories: one is the 2K-H mechanism. It consists of two central wheels a, B and a rotatable wall H. It has the advantages of convenient manufacture, small axial dimension and high efficiency, and it is the most widely used planetary transmission in practice.

The following recommended JIAYE laborsaving wrench QL-58A:

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