Jiaxing: export Jack quality stable high prices before May, an increase of 20%

Jack is one of the traditional export mechanical and electrical products in Jiaxing. It has the characteristics of simple process, low threshold, small scale of operation and high degree of industrial cluster. Yesterday (June 7th), the reporter from the Jiaxing entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that in May this year, Jiaxing city exports Jack prices generally rose 20%, significantly enhance the efficiency, transformation and upgrading of the industry very fruitful.

The traditional vertical jack has low technical content and fierce market competition. In recent years, the change of enterprise product structure is single, the sharp rise in the proportion of horizontal hydraulic jack, electric car jack scale, greatly enhance the competitiveness of Jiaxing Jack products in the international market.

According to statistics, this year 1 to May, Jiaxing total exports of 1758 batches, 2 million 290 thousand jacks, amounting to $23 million 750 thousand, with the same period last year, the 1878 batch of 2 million 190 thousand units compared to the batch number and the value of the amount of basic level, rose 20%. Especially derived oil processing tools such as machinery, machine, bending machine market stability, efficiency increased year by year, the amount of exports from the 5 month before last year’s $3 million 380 thousand increase to the current $4 million 630 thousand, surged 37%.

Post time: Nov-23-2019