This standard is not available on the car! Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use it


Now that car owners are certainly not unfamiliar to Jack, it has become a standard tool, Jack is generally made of high quality alloy steel material, than similar products more durable, as a kind of commonly used lifting tools, hand over the top crane point is low, is mainly based on the lever principle heavy, so it can be widely used in various occasions. For the novice, the first change of the spare wheel can definitely be a challenge, so how should the jack be used?

There are two types of common jack jacks, one is the rack jack, the other is the herringbone structure and the diamond structure. The other is the screw jack. When we use a jack, we must first fix the vehicle, to avoid the car was lifted unstable, smashed down, hurt people. At this point, we can not ignore the necessary safety warning measures, or to put the warning triangle in the car after a safe distance.

When we use the jack, we must pay attention to the ground, as far as possible to choose suitable for the ground jack to operate. If the car is in the soft ground and there is no way to find a firm and flat road to fix the jack, we can put a large and hard support underneath the jack. At the same time, in the use of Jack, we should also pay attention to the maximum weight of the jack, in case the supporting force is not enough, leading to accidents.

Each vehicle is equipped with a jack to support, lift parts Jack must be supported by the chassis supporting point, otherwise it is difficult to secure the vehicle, but also easy to damage to Jack, damaged more serious or even chassis. Just in case, when we use the jack, we can put a spare tire under the car for a rainy day.

In the process of using jack, the lifting operation must be steady and slow. Because if we lift operation force too much too fast, it will be easy to get Jack deformation can’t even use scrap.

Post time: Nov-23-2019